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The Sforzesca of Castellazzara is a fortified villa that can be reached from the SS2 Cassia exit at Ponte sul Rigo and continuing in the direction of Castellazzara.

The Villa was commissioned by Cardinal Alessandro Sforza (hence Sforzesca) as the extreme northern stronghold of the Papal States with the dual purpose of a resting place, in the cool of the Amiata, for high Roman prelates and as a point of reference for the repression of brigandage .
Its design and construction was carried out by the Fontana family, well-known Roman architects of the time, who fortified it with a low city wall with low bastions.In 1576, as evidenced by the plaque on the entrance, the Villa was completed.

Then oblivion and ruin.

We understand that the villa has been restored and (at least in part) can be visited.

For information we invite you to contact the Municipality of Castell’Azzara directly

[email protected]

tel. +39 (0)564 951038

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