The Italian medical emergency number is 118.


Pietro Giovannini is the dentist in Castell’Azzara. He offers good service. He can be reached by phone on +39 333 266 5183.


The Studio Di Chiropratica Di Mario Forieri is a good chiropractor in Viterbo. He can be reached by phone on +39 076 132 5836.

General Practitioner

Dottoressa Silvia Papalini is the general practitioner in Castell’Azzara. Community members who wish to make use of her services need to be an Italian resident and need to register as her patient. Her office is at Via Guglielmo Marconi 95 and she can be reached by phone on +39 370 341 7349.

Community members who are not an Italian resident cannot make use of the services of the doctor. Instead, they need to visit a hospital (see below) or alternatively, on weekends, go to the Guardia Medica at the medical centre in Castell’Azzara, which is also at Via Guglielmo Marconi 95. The Guardia Medica is allowed to take care of both registered and non-registered patients.

Alternatively, there are private doctors and private medical centres. Visits cost around €60 to €90. One nearby private medical centre is Medica San Quirico, which has amongst others an osteopath, gynaecologist, nutritionist, orthopaedist and homoeopath. The centre can be reached on +39 380 156 2108.


There are several hospitals with an emergency room (‘Pronto Soccorso’ in Italian) within 1,5 hours’ drive of Castell’Azzara. They can be visited whether or not you are an Italian resident. The addresses and phone numbers of these emergency rooms are listed below.

Be aware that some emergency rooms do not allow family members to come in; they are asked to stay outside, while the patient waits inside. Additionally, keep in mind that if you think or know that you need a medical specialist it is recommended to go straight to the emergency room of the hospital in either Grosseto or Viterbo. The smaller towns often do not have specialists. An example: one community member went to the emergency room in Acquapendente to get an X-ray of his arm, only to be told that his arm was broken and that he needed to see a specialist at the hospital in Viterbo.

Abbadia San Salvatore
Presidio Ospedaliero Amiata Val D’Orcia
Via Bolzano 9
+39 057 778 21

Ospedale Civile di Acquapendente
Via Cesare Battist 68
+39 076 373 5260

Castel del Piano
Ospedale Civile di Castel Del Piano
Via IV Novembre 2
+39 056 4914 111

Ospedale della Misericordia
(has a good paediatrics department)
Via Senese 169
+39 056 448 5099

Ospedale Petruccioli di Pitigliano
Via Nicola Ciacci 340
+39 056 461 8111

Ospedale di Belcolle
Strada Sammartinese
+39 076 133 91


Ruth is a good, English-speaking osteopath in Sorano. For inquiries or making an appointment, she can be reached by phone on +39 333 772 7093.


There are two vets in the area that are commonly used by community members:

The first is Ambulatorio Veterinario San Francesco in Pitigliano, which specialises in cats and dogs. The veterinarian is Dottoressa Martina Marioni. She speaks English, German and Italian. She works by appointment and can be reached by phone or WhatsApp on +39 329 409 4422 or by email on [email protected].

The other is Ambulatorio Veterinario Dott. Nucci, nearby Sorano. The veterinarian is Dottore Gianluigi Nucci (‘Gigi’). He can be reached on +39 330 731 476.

A little further away, in Chiusi, is Centro Veterinario Sant’Anna S.R.L. which also receives good reviews. The centre can be reached by phone on +39 057 820 711 or by email on [email protected].


Emergency numbers

  • General: 112
  • Carabinieri: 112
  • State police: 113
  • Fire brigade: 115
  • Medical: 118

Gas stations

The closest gas station is La Botte on the way to Pitigliano. Other nearby gas stations can be found in Santa Fiora, Piancastagnaio, Acquapendente, San Quirico and Pitigliano.


There is a small local market on Thursday mornings in the big car park in Castell’Azzara. Here you can get organic fruit and vegetables; fish and meat; clothes and shoes; home and kitchen supplies. Acquapendente has a good, larger market on Fridays, with much local and organic produce.

The full list of weekly local markets in the area:

  • Monday: Abbadia San Salvatore
  • Tuesday: Arcidosso; Chiusi
  • Wednesday: Pitigliano
  • Thursday: Castell’Azzara; Santa Fiora
  • Friday: Acquapendente; Santa Fiora


The community WhatsApp group ‘Marketplace‘ is a good place to start when selling, donating or looking for items.

There are several second-hand stores in the area. The nearest one is Mercatino dell’Usato Roba da Matti in Abbadia San Salvatore. In Viterbo, there is Il Mercatino Viterbo & Tuscia. A little further away is the massive second-hand store L’Arcobaleno Mercatino Dell’Usato di Mancini Valentina. Sorano has several nice antique shops.

Clothing swaps are organised on an irregular basis within the community. The nearest second-hand clothing store is Officina Kairos in Acquapendente.

Subito is Italy’s largest online second-hand market. You need an Italian phone number to register and to start selling or buying items.


For skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, social outings, courses and excursions, there is Sci Club Alta Tuscia: [email protected].


The Gruppo Speleologico Castell’Azzara organises activities around speleology.


September is a good month to order wood. Prices tend to be higher when ordering later in the year. Orders should be placed in quintali, rather than in cubic metres. 1 quantale = 100 kg. Make sure to order the right size (length) of wood, so it fits in your stove. Wood can be ordered from any of the people below. Keep in mind that they only speak Italian. You may send them a message on WhatsApp if that is easier than calling.

Matteo Terrosi: +39 335 573 8788
Mario Baldoni: +39 338 530 7701
Emanuele Cherubini: +39 348 602 3924


  • nice cities to visit
  • nice natural spots to visit
  • nice restaurants in the area
  • bars/cafes
  • cinemas in area
  • gyms in area
  • spas in area

Resources | Transportation

The community WhatsApp group ‘Lifts needed or offered’ is a good place to start when looking for a lift to a local event, airport or train station. Some community members are open to lending their car for one or more days – such requests can also be posted in the WhatsApp group.


The airports closest to Castell’Azzara are Firenze (Florence), Rome Fiumicino (FCO), Rome Ciampino (CIA), Perugia and Pisa. From these airports, it is possible to take a train to either Chiusi-Chianciano Terme or Orvieto.

Train stations

The train stations closest to Castell’Azzara are Chiusi-Chianciano Terme and Orvieto.

Car rental

Cars can be rented at the airports and train stations mentioned above from the following companies:

Bus service

There is a bus service from Castell’Azzara to Santa Fiora (through Selvena) – more information on this will follow.

Taxi service

The local taxi service is run by Richard Tollow (English-speaking). He works on request, offering rides to and from airports, train stations and other places. Reach out to him for inquiries and reservations: +39 366 448 4882.


Several community members travel around by bicycle. We recommend going for an electric bicycle as this is a mountainous area. Electric bikes can be rented at Il Cornacchino. They can be bought second-hand via Facebook Marketplace or, or new at the bicycle store in Abbadia San Salvatore.


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Castell’azzara and Italian Culture

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